Tuesday Toddler Tales

Have you been in a grocery store lately and seen a mother opening things off the shelves to give to her child, perhaps to calm a tantrum (yes, I agree that rewarding a tantrum is a BAD idea but unless you've been in a store with a screaming little terror who is tearing at your clothes, yanking things off shelves and about to dive from the basket and you must get groceries so going home is NOT an option, DON'T judge!!!) or maybe to feed him/her lunch as she scheduled her trip to the store at 11:30AM when she would normally be feeding her child at home?!?

Yes, I was that mother today at Whole Foods.

I guess I am still a bit out-of-whack from the holidays and our loosey goosey "schedule" when in Austin at my mom's house and I went to do my grocery shopping at 11:00AM today.  About halfway thru shopping, Emily tugged at my shirt and looked up at me pleadingly and said; "Mommy, are we having lunch today?".    *sigh*  Oops!

I gave her a handful of grapes from the bottom of the basket, unwrapped the hunk of fontina I had just placed in my cart and opened up some bunny grahams.  She feasted quietly in the basket while I finished up my shopping.  Yes, I saved all the wrappings in order to properly pay for everything and no I did NOT feel guilty.  I'm paying for it, who cares what shape it's in when we get it home.

I do feel guilty however for my poor time management and that little look Emily gave me.  Thank God I wasn't at the pet store!  ha!


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