Tuesday Toddler Tales

And... the sassyness continues!

For such a loving, sweet, eager to help, funny little girl, she sure is full of negative emotion these days!

It's so strange to see her cross her arms, turn her head up & away, and say; "NO!  I don't want to!" when we tell her it's time to eat, time to clean up, time to get in bed.  She's become quite demanding of wanting her way pretty much all the time, regarding everything in her world: not wanting to wear shoes, not wanting to wear THOSE pajamas, only wanting to bathe every 4th day, only wanting to eat strawberries, wanting to watch television NOW and about a million other things!  Where do they learn this stuff?!?  I know a lot of it is the things they see at school or the gym daycare from other children, maybe even on television but HOW do they pick it up so quickly and use it in the correct context?!?  Insanity how fast they grow!

David & I try to just remain calm (yeah, right), keep our voices low and mature (uh huh), and count to 3, putting her immediately into a time-out once we reach 3, without much discussion (does yelling count?) until the time-out is over.  Then, we explain what she did that landed her in a time-out and that her behavior is unacceptable and that she will go to time-out every time she does "X".  By the way, asking a 3 1/2 year old WHAT they did that put them in a time-out is unnerving as they can't tell you.  I swear, her memory is selective and short!  *sigh*  At least time-outs work.  She hates them and will cooperate and/or cease her bad behavior once we start counting, things could be worse, right?  :)  The best part about punishment for 3 1/2 year olds is they are quick to say; "I'm sorry mommy, I love you, can we play puzzles now?" and all is forgiven and forgotten.

Do I have days I want to run away from home?  Yep!

Do I have days I have to restrain myself from smacking her behind when she is at her absolute worst?  Yep!

Do I feel like a Monster, like complete SH!T after I have punished her, yelled at her, ignored her, even though punishment is important for healthy growth & development?  Yep!

Is parenting THE HARDEST JOB I've ever had, with mixed emotions, like being on a rollercoaster and yet, something I'm very much looking forward to doing all over again with future children?  Yep!


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