30-Day Shred: My heart just isn't in it... and I'm sorry!

Hello fat-busters,

I'm human, what can I say?  My heart just isn't in this 30-Day Shred challenge the way that it should be to get the maximum results from this plan.  I just can't pretend so, I'm leaving the challenge for now!

I want to meet my goals of losing this weight by June 1st so, I am going to continue to follow the Fat Shredder Healthy Eating Plan, continue to drink water and take my daily multi-vitamin, and continue to get plenty of sleep every night.  I still park the furthest from the doors of where I'm going, take the stairs whenever possible, and walk rather than drive Emily to the park several times each week.

But for now, I am putting Jillian Michael's and her 30-Day Shred aside to be picked back up at another time.

Best of luck to all of you still going strong in your weight loss journey!!!


  1. HI Amanda!
    I can so relate...my kids have been sick the last few weeks and my workouts have fallen by the side...but I'm not giving up! Good for you for sticking with the meal plan. We can do this!!


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