Potty training, Day 3: Daddy gets a turn, some serious communication... finally and her 1st real poop on the potty!!!

If I hadn't made it clear the past two days, Emily has said nothing when it comes to her needing to use the bathroom.  She hasn't come out and told us she needed to pee or poop, we've either caught her in the midst [or after] an accident or I've just put her on the potty after about an hour or so since her last potty break and encouraged her to try.

6:50am - David said he walked in to Emily's room this morning to see her already undressed and eager to use the potty.

Having discussed the technique with him, he said he was well prepared to handle her potty needs and so, he confidently guided her through the process and she did in fact pee on the potty at 7:15am!  He, too said there's just nothing like the excitement of seeing your child so proud of their success.  She chose a new book "Thomas and the Jet Engine" from the goodie bag and they spent about an hour this morning reading that book and talking about how her being a big girl earned her that book.

7:45am - Emily had an accident.  David said she was standing awkwardly, very still... just not normal and then, he saw the pee seep through her pants.  He jumped up and got her into the bathroom, telling her that she is a big girl and needs to keep her panties dry and that she needs to pee in the potty.  She sat on the potty to ensure she didn't need to pee any more and he got her wiped down and in a new outfit.  He had her carry her pee pee clothes to her hamper and gave her hug and told her to try again.  Then, he had to leave for work so, it was just she and I for the rest of the day.

9:45am - After we cleaned up breakfast and got a few things settled for the day, I decided to take a shower and Emily asked if she could shower, too.  No surprise there as it's something she loves to do: take a "big girl shower" with mama.  I thought this would be a great time to suggest she try to pee as he don't want to get pee or poop in the bath tub.  She willingly obliged and she actually peed in the potty!  She picked a heart-shaped chocolate out of the goodie bag and proceeded to talk non-stop about how she pee peed on the potty and got a chocolate throughout our shower.  :)

12:15pm - While folding her laundry, I heard Emily say; "Mama!!!  I have to pee pee!" and saw her go running by her bedroom.  I watched her put the stool next to the toilet, get on the stool and pull down her pants, sit on the potty and pee in the potty.  I nearly lost it!  She actually felt the need to go and told me!  *feeling faint, people* I think she was most excited about getting to draw from the goodie bag, haha!  She drew a lollipop.

12:46pm - She did it again!  She told me she needed to pee and went into the bathroom and did it all by herself.  I followed her in so I could actually see it with my own eyes.  She's using our toilet, not a small port-a-potty so, it's often hard to tell if there is any pee in the toilet.  She actually did pee!  She's getting good and I am beyond proud.  From the goodie bag she drew an easter egg full of stickers.

1:15pm - I put Emily in her night time pull-up for her nap.

3:15pm - Emily never fell asleep and nap time was over so, I went in her room to get her up.  She was already standing up and said; "mama, I need to pee" as I was lifting her out of her crib.  I said; "ok, you know what to do!" and without another word, she went into the bathroom and peed on the potty completely by herself.  Even though she had a pull-up on and KNEW she could pee in it, it seems like she doesn't want to and knows she should use the potty.  Is that possible?!?  It seems she really gets it, that urge to use the bathroom so, I felt it was time to call Gran and give her the big news.  She drew a candy heart from the goodie bag.

3:27pm - While on speaker phone with Gran, Emily [who had been running around outside] came running up to me saying; "mama, I need to pee pee and I will go by myself, you just stay by the door".  I thought wow, she's really exerting her independence but maybe I should follow her anyway so I did but when I got to the bathroom door she said again; "no, mama, I do it by myself and you shut the door".  So, as I stepped out of the bathroom and shut the door just a smidge so she could no longer see me, I said; "Oh, ok, you need some privacy, I'll wait out here, just call for me if you need some help".  Giggling with my mom about what a big girl she is quickly becoming over all this potty business, I heard Emily say; "mama, I pooped, I'm done, I pooped and now I get two goodies".  I ran in to find that she did, indeed, poop in the potty all by herself.  Gran was so excited she, too was screaming and clapping and telling Emily what a big girl she is over speaker phone.  I just can not believe it.  2 1/2 days of potty training and my daughter has pooped in the potty all by herself!  And apparently needs privacy to do so!  ha!   Seriously now, I'm so overjoyed and overwhelmed with excitement and pride...  I'm not sure I can take much more!!!  :)  I think the funniest part was her knowledge and reminder to me that she got two things form the goodie bag.  She drew gummy bears and a Disney Princess magic wand.

4:01pm - Too much excitement, not a lot of sleep last night and no nap today made for a pretty tired Emily so, I laid her on the couch to watch "Finding Nemo".

4:35pm - Emily jumped up off the couch and ran to the bathroom saying; "I need to pee, you stay in the living room".  So I did and she peed on the potty all by herself!  She drew play-doh from the goodie bag and we played with it after several congratulatory high fives.

5:06pm - During dinner AND with "Finding Nemo" still on (two things Emily rarely walks away from willingly) she jumped up and ran to the bathroom saying; "I need to pee and I do it by myself!".  I never even got off the couch, except to help her wipe after she peed on the potty!  She drew a candy heart from the goodie bag.

6:45pm - After dinner and a bit of play time, it was time for Emily to go to bed as she had not napped and only slept like 9 hours last night so, I got her in her PJs and told her to go in the bathroom to brush her teeth.  She interrupted me and said she needed to pee pee and (again) for me to stay right there so she could do it by herself.  I'm totally loving all this new found independence, by the way!  However, to ensure she actually did pee, I stood just outside the bathroom door so I could hear her and I did hear her, she peed on the potty!  She got one last pick from the goodie bag, a small Thomas the Train, brushed her teeth and literally passed out before 7:00pm.

What a fantastic day, completely opposite of the previous two days!  I guess what everyone said was correct: it will click and she will just get it one day... I just never guessed it would be after 2 days!

Besides the obvious excitement of her feeling the urge to pee, communicating that urge, using the potty all by herself and pooping on the potty, I just realized that she did this today all by herself.  I never once reminded her to keep her panties clean & dry and to tell mommy when she needed to pee or poop, as I have done 1,000 time in the previous two days.  I guess because it was abundantly clean this morning that she gets it and doesn't need my constant nagging anymore.  Wow.  What a day, what a day!


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