Pneumonia Watch: Day 5

Yep, we are still sick, really sick and just plain exhausted.

However, I had to rally today so David could get back to work as they are in a crunch right now, trying to finish up Toy Story 3 and David has some huge professional responsibilities.  Of course, if I wasn't able to get out of bed he would've stayed home; however, I'm starting to feel a little less like Death.  :)  The main thing is the cough that rips tears from my eyes with it's intensity and makes me feel like I am choking as it literally takes my breath away.  That and the fact that I am incredibly weak and just plain exhausted makes for a pretty unfit mother!  Ugh... luckily, Emily is only operating at about 30% and is sleeping most of the day or happy to lay on the couch in front of "Finding Nemo" for the 100th time.

We had to miss her Gymnastics class this morning, which I hate as now I have to find time to do a make-up class and her Pediatrician wants to keep her home until Saturday so, we'll have to miss My Play Place on Friday, too.  Boo!  :(


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