Pneumonia watch: Day 7

Emily and I survived the week and are finally fever-free!  Yea!

Let me clarify and say we've been fever-free for over 24 hours which means we could leave home today and we did!  We practically RAN out the door to Emily's My Play Place class this morning... I haven't seen that child that happy in a week!  She really missed her friends and all the fun that this class brings her with all their outdoor ride-on toys, art projects, circle-time, and story time while having snack.

We were both exhausted and probably overdid it a wee bit but it sure was nice while it lasted!  Emily was so tired she slept nearly 3 hours at her normal "rest" time today and so did I.  We are both still coughing and really congested, which causes me really painful headaches but it's clear we are getting our strength back!


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