Potty Training, Day 4: First day away from home!

So, here we are at day 3 of potty training and we are all feeling really confident about going out to Dublin to our friends' house for an all-day Superbowl Party!

I packed three extra pairs of panties, pants and socks as well as an extra pair of shoes (when kids pee, they pee IN their shoes!!!) and Emily's Goodie Bag for rewards.  Our friends have a daughter the same age as Emily and are potty training as well so, because they have a potty seat, stool and flushable wipes, I didn't need to pack any of these things.

8:45am - Emily used the bathroom right after waking up (and got conversation hearts from the goodie bag) and again, 3 hours later, right after lunch.

1:15pm - We encouraged her to use the potty again just before getting in the car to go to the party but she didn't need to go so, we took off for a 35 minute ride in the car.  She arrived dry and used the potty soon after getting out of the car.  Yea!  So far so good.

4:05pm - The party was awesome, lots of friends, lots of food and lots of other little kids plus a jumpy house!  It seems Emily was so excited and having way too much fun because she came running through the house squealing; "I need to pee!!!" but it was too late.  By the time we got to the bathroom, she was soaking wet.  Bummer.  We told her what a great job she had done so far and that it was OK to have an accident but to try harder.  We changed her clothes and she ran off to play.

6:30pm - Hamburgers and hotdogs were being thrown on the grill, all the kids were playing in the backyard and most of the babies were down for a nap.  All was good!  I found Emily and told her we should take a short break and go use the potty and she did end up peeing in the potty.  Seems when toddlers are having too much fun, we the parents have to do a bit more encouraging.  :)

8:55pm - The party was officially over and it was time to go home.  Emily peed on the potty before we left and made it all the way home, dry!

9:45pm - We put Emily in her nighttime pull-up and she passed out!

So, our first day away from home and I would say it was a huge success!  She had no problem using someone else's potty, only a little trouble taking a break from all the fun to use the bathroom.


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