Potty training, Day 5: Accident Free!

8:15am - Emily woke us up saying; "I need to pee, mama, can I take this pull-up off?!?".   ha!

Wow, she doesn't want to go in the pull-up now, it seems, which is great, right?!?  Now, do we convert her to a big girl bed to further encourage her to use the bathroom at nap time and bed time or what?

Emily ran off to play with some puzzles in her room while I helped get David off to work and make my grocery list.

10:05am - I told Emily we needed to go to the grocery store and to be sure she used the bathroom before we left so she didn't pee in her car seat and she obliged; she went right into the bathroom and peed!

11:55am - We made it to the store and back completely dry!

1:30pm - After lunch, I told her she needed to lay down and rest in a few minutes and that we should go get her nap time pull-up on.  She ran past me to the bathroom and pooped on the potty!  She said; "I didn't want to poop in my bed, mama".  :)  Wow!

4:05pm - Emily didn't nap today but was dry and bragged about it (EEK!) so, we ran straight to the potty and she peed!  Yea!  Then, we packed up our stuff and headed out to go pick up Chloe.

5:50pm - We made it to get Chloe and back completely dry!

6:20pm - She peed in the potty and I didn't even know it!  Well, until I heard her screaming; "mama, I need to wipe me" (I was in the kitchen making dinner).  I came in to find yellow water in the toilet  :)  Yea for her going all on her own!

7:30pm - Lights out for Emily!  No nap again today meant an early bedtime so, we took a quick shower, got in our night time pull-up, brushed our teeth, read some books and said; "good night".  After I told her about a million times how proud I was of her, of course.

I am beyond proud of her!   Not one accident today, not one stitch of pee laundry.  Just lots of hugs, high fives, candy rewards and bragging rights for her as a big girl.  :)


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