Potty training, Day 6: Seems she's got it!

6:40am - Emily woke us up talking about needing to use the bathroom.  Oy!  Don't get me wrong, I'm ecstatic that she's so excited and eager to use the bathroom but she's normally not up before 8:30am so, this is a wee bit like torture.  *sigh*  Oh!  And yes, she did pee in the potty!  :)

I got Emily and I both ready for the day and let her play outside this morning as we had super warm sunshine!  Yea!

10:05am - Emily peed on the potty before we ran out to run errands.

11:00am - We made it to BRU dry.  She stayed dry through shopping and on the way to Bay Street.  Once at Bay Street, we went straight to Fuddrucker's to have lunch before shopping as they would have a bathroom we could use and I knew she would need to go soon.

12:40pm - Emily told me she needed to pee during our lunch at Fuddrucker's and actually peed on the potty!  She was dry the rest of the hour we shopped and all the way home.

2:00pm - I put Emily in her nap time pull-up and told her to just rest for a little while as I had some phone calls to make and bills to pay.

3:02pm - No nap today and Emily was screeching that she needed to poop.  My first instinct was that she was just trying to get out of her crib but I was wrong, she bolted to the bathroom and pooped!  Yea for her not using her pull-up!  And nap time was over.  *sigh*

4:30pm - I asked Emily to try to pee on the potty before we left to go get Chloe but she didn't need to go so, we left.  I won't lie, I was fretful that she might have an accident and pee in the car seat and wished I had made her at least try.  But, I guess we all have to learn to trust them at some point, right?  To my surprise, Emily stayed dry the way there and the way back.

5:45pm - Once we got back home, both girls said they needed to potty so, one at a time they went.  Both of them pooped on the potty!  Yea for having a friend to help reinforce good bathroom use and hygiene!

7:02pm - After Chloe left, Emily ate dinner, had a bath, got in PJs, brushed her teeth and we read some books.  She flat out refused to put on a pull-up, saying she wasn't a baby anymore.  Oh Lord.  I reminded her that she was a big girl yes but that all big girls wear night time pull-ups until they are a bit older and can get out of their beds to go potty all alone in the dark.  I reminded her that while yes, she could use the potty all on her own she still needed mama to help her wipe and help her wash her hands and get her PJs back on and that it would be really hard for her to do all alone... in the dark.  She seemed to get it and understand and did put the pull-up on but you could tell a wee bit of her wasn't convinced.  She's growing up too fast, y'all!  :) 

Seems she's really got it now!

She's dry in her pull-up after "nap" time and doesn't want to use it anyway and hasn't had an accident in days, even while out running errands using foreign toilets.  I am so proud!


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