Potty Training, Day 7: A whole week and she's a pro!

This is my last, daily potty training update as it's clear to me Emily has it... at least for day time.

If you want to read our 7-day potty training adventure, click ***HERE*** and read from the bottom up.

7:05am - Emily woke us up saying; "mama, where are you?  I need to pee pee".  ha!  Yes, I was exhausted and wasn't too thrilled at getting up that early but how can you not laugh at her eagerness over potty training?!?  So, David and I both go up early and helped her out of her footed PJs so she could pee and she did!  By the way, she didn't ask for a candy or treat from the goodie bag so, we decided to not offer.  I think any kind of reward is wonderful when potty training but it's clear to us that Emily doesn't need these bribes nor the constant affirmation of what a big girl she is anymore, she's eager and happy to just wear the panties and use the bathroom all on her own.  And she is seeing the dentist for the first time soon and I'm already freaked out as it is about cavities!

10:05am - Emily used the potty before tumbling class, only yelling for me to wipe her and help wash her hands (she can't reach the soap... I think we need a taller stool!) and we got in her tutu and left!

11:40am - Emily made it through tumbling class dry and peed on the potty once we got home by herself.  I'm really only prompting her before getting in the car now.  Then, we changed into regular clothes and had lunch.

1:45pm - Emily used the potty one last time before getting in her nap time pull-up for the next 2 hours at her request.  I honestly think it was her way to stall but she did pee so, I'm OK with that.  :)

3:00pm - Again, no nap.  Emily was screaming; "mommy" because she needed to poop.  haha!  Oh well, nap time/rest time is over but I'm just so proud of her, I don't care.  I got her out of her bed, she pooped and then, we played some puzzles and used some play-doh.  We also went outside for a bit because it was sunny and finally not raining, yea!

4:40pm - We left to go get Chloe, after I prompted Emily to use the bathroom, reminding her we would be driving and have no potty.   She did pee.

6:00pm - Emily made it there and back dry and the girls played for about an hour before Emily ran to the bathroom, saying she needed to pee.  :)  Soon after, Chloe left and I made Emily dinner.

6:30pm - I gave Emily one last chance to use the bathroom, before putting on her night time pull-up and PJs.  I brushed her teeth and hair and told her how unbelievably proud I am of her for this past week; what a big girl she was and how much I loved her.  She said; "mama you get a chocolate for pee pee on the potty, too!".  :) 

7:00pm - Lights out for Emily as she was up super early and had no nap today.

So, we did it, it seems.   

At 3 1/2 years old, Emily is potty trained during the day!

The first two days were not so pleasant (they sucked!) as I was doing a lot of pee laundry and cleaning up accidents and just getting so frustrated; however, I hung in there and it clicked with her by the third day.  It was so worth it to wait until she was older as we could communicate clearly with each other about my expectations of her now as a big girl, wearing big girl panties.  This could not have been done a year or more ago as Emily was just not ready.  Using a goodie bag full of little $1 toys, stickers, bouncy balls, dress-up rings, lollipops, heart-shaped chocolates, Smarties and jelly beans worked really well for us.  We are now ditching the goodie bag and not using any physical rewards.  She'll get the "great job, I'm so proud of you" speech from now on and, should this not be enough, we may go to a sticker accumulation then, a reward system.  We are keeping Emily in her crib as we just don't want to add any stress (to ourselves) right now and she's happy... and contained... and will continue to use pull-ups at nap time and bedtime.  :)  We've officially thrown out all her onesies (she can't use the bathroom herself wearing one as she can't work the snaps) and will not be purchasing anymore onesie, footed PJs; instead we will be buying two-piece or night gowns, in anticipation for her using the bathroom at night at some point.

Thank you for all your encouragement and good luck to all you in your potty training journey!


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