Potty training: the end of week 2

For anyone who hasn't been following us in our potty training journey who would like to, click ***HERE*** and read from the bottom up.

It has been two full weeks since we started potty training Emily.

This past week, she has done a fantastic job of telling us she needs to pee (or not and just running past us) and getting herself to the bathroom and using the toilet all on her own (we help wipe and wash hands); she has not had a single pee accident in a full week!  Yea!

However, we have thrown away 6 pairs of panties this past week and 4 were in a single day from poop accidents.  *sigh*  That's all I'm going to say because you know it must have been a poop-splosion to not warrant even an attempt at washing them.  She's has been refusing meals, not sleeping well and coughing a lot this past week so, we are going to assume she's a wee bit ill and that is contributing to the increase in poop every day and are, therefore, not being too hard on her for having so many accidents.  And in all honesty, she's only just started doing this, it's not fair to expect perfection!  She's really quite intense about this whole process, asking me if I am "happy" when she uses the toilet and apologizing for pooping in her panties.  Poor thing!

We praise her every time she stays dry on trips (even the short ones), every time she gets to the toilet herself, and every time she uses the toilet.  Yes, we are still making a huge deal out of it but are limiting draws from the goodie bag to #2 activity only as that is what she is struggling with.  She seems OK with it!

She is still in her crib and thus, waring pull-ups at night and we don't plan to change this any time soon.


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