Potty training: the end of week 3

For anyone who hasn't been following us in our potty training journey who would like to, click ***HERE*** and read from the bottom up.

It has been three full weeks since we started potty training Emily.

This past week, Emily hasn't had a single accident, pee or poop!  Wahoooooo! 

We still praise her every time she stays dry on trips (even the short ones), every time she gets to the toilet herself, and every time she uses the toilet.  You should see her face, she is so proud of herself and that totally melts us.  We are no longer giving immediate rewards out of the goodie bag and are instead making her build up 10 successful toilet uses before getting one.  I created a super cute reward chart using railroad track, sign, and train stickers from her Thomas the Train Activity book and had David makes some color copies of it (so I only had to create ONE!).  Once she gets 10 stickers, she gets to chose something out of the goodie bag.  We just started doing this so, we'll see how effective it is.  Inside the goodie bag are sheets of stickers, bubbles, Mylar ballooons, dress-up accessories, miniature Cars and Thomas the Train collectables, Annie's bunny fruit snacks, and Step 1 early reader books.

She is still in her crib and thus, waring pull-ups at night and we don't plan to change this any time soon.


  1. That's great that she's doing well and so proud of herself. I'll bet she won't even need the rewards soon! Great ideas for rewards, by the way.


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