Potty Training, Day 2: we are on our way!

Day 2, 9:00am: Emily woke up with a huge smile on her face, crying out for mommy and when I went in to get her out of her bed, she asked me to let her pick out her pink kitty panties for today.  :)  So, I let her grab the panties, and together we went in the bathroom where she got out of her PJs, tore off her Pull-up and peed on the potty!!!

David was there to share in the excitement this time and we both really made a big production out of her potty success; jumping up and down, clapping, praising her for being such a big girl.  What a great way to start the morning!  She drew a harmonica from the Goodie Bag.

We got dressed, had breakfast and I reminded her that she was a big girl and that her job was to keep her panties dry.  I told her we were going to wear our panties to My Play Place today (a 2-hour play group, designed like preschool) and she needed to tell me if she needed to use the bathroom.

9:35am - We drove the 1/2 mile to the school and she remained dry.  I continued to remind her to keep her panties dry about every 1/2 hour and near the end of the 2-hours I told her we needed to use the potty before getting in the car to go home.  She willingly got in the bathroom and on the potty but after 8 minutes, nothing happened so, after asking her if she needed to pee or poop and getting a "no", I let her get up and we got our things ready to go home.  Then, she peed in her pants.  *sigh*  I didn't make a big deal out of it, just ushered her into the bathroom, changed her clothes and reminded her that she is a big girl now and needs to pee in the potty not in her panties.  And we went home.

1:20pm - She stayed dry through lunch and playing outside for an hour.  Just before her nap time, I told her to try to use the potty but after 15 minutes of nothing happening, I put her in a Pull-up and put her down for her nap.

3:15pm - She didn't nap so, I got her up.  Her pull-up was FULL (go figure) so, I dressed her in panties and again reminded her that she was now wearing big girl panties and needed to keep them clean & dry and to tell me when she needed to pee or poop.

4:40pm - I asked her if her panties were clean & dry and she said; "yes" so, I told her to try to use the potty before we got in the car to go get Chloe.  Nothing happened after 11 minutes and she asked to get up.  I let her and I swear, 3 seconds later she peed all over the living room floor (thank the Lord for hardwoods!).  Ugh.  Without completely losing my cool, I got paper towels and a Clorox wipe and made her help me clean up the mess, pointing out that she was a big girl now and needs to pee & poop in the potty NOT in her big girl panties and on the floor.  I changed her clothes and off we went to Chloe's school.

5:50pm - We were back home and Emily was still dry.  I let her and Chloe play and soon after Chloe's dad picked her up, I smelled poop.  Emily was hiding in the corner of the hallway saying; "it was just an accident".  Yuck.  I took her to the potty, again pointing out that she was a big girl now and needs to pee & poop in the potty NOT in her big girl panties.  I dumped the poop in the potty and made her sit to "finish up" and heard her pee.  She started squealing; "mama, I pee peed in the potty!" and of course, the last two accident clean-ups quickly faded into the back of my mind and I was overjoyed at her accomplishment.  I dressed her in panties again and fed her dinner.

7:00pm - It was time for bed.  I told Emily how proud I was of her for using the potty today and that she was such a big girl.  I asked her if she would like to use the potty one last time before bedtime.  She said no.  Ok.  I put her in a pull-up and snuggled her extra tight while reading books before it was lights out.  I gave her a goodnight kiss & hug and told her how great it was that she was using the potty and that we would try again tomorrow.  She said ok.  :)

P.S. When she doesn't nap, she goes to bed a few hours earlier than normal.

Not so much pee laundry today, I can that progress!


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