Thursday Thirteen

I am a Stay-At-Home-Mom but I do not stay at home.

In fact, we're rarely home as it takes several hours a day to run all our household errands and shuttle Emily back & forth to all her activities, classes and play dates and I love it.  I love being busy!

So, what is it, exactly do I do with Emily all week long, you ask?

Here are thirteen things we do weekly:

1. Tumbling Class on Wednesday mornings
2. Weekly play date with friends at the park, usually on Mondays
3. A run to Whole Foods for the week's special produce and/or cheeses
4. My Play Place preschool class on Friday mornings
5. Lunch with David up at Pixar
6. A play date out in Dublin with friends, usually on Thursdays
7. A trip to The Oakland Zoo now that it's getting warmer and it's raining less often
8. A nature walk down to the local park and some time to play in their huge sandbox
9. Story time at our local Library on Tuesday mornings
10. A trip to Bay Street outdoor shopping center for lunch, a cupcake treat and some shopping
11. A quick errand to the Post Office, Bank, to get gasoline for the car, and to pick up some missing or spoiled ingredients for dinner
12. Frozen yogurt treat down on Park Street
13. A trip to Target and/or Costco for household goods, toiletries and bulk items (as weekends are just absurd... I will never step foot in a Target or Costco on a weekend again!)


  1. Sounds like a fantastic way to spend a week.

    I love taking Turtle to some of our outdoor shopping areas to see the turtles and koi. When the weather is more reasonable, of course.


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