Thursday Thirteen

I'm a bit of a worrier by nature; someone who always has a Plan B and a Plan C, always making decisions that are the safest.  I don't have anxiety over the following thirteen things nor do I think about any of these things regularly... they are just things that have crossed my mind when thinking about the things I am most afraid of. 

Thirteen things I am afraid of:

1. Not fitting in, being disliked and not feeling included in the group
2. Going blind
3. Deep bodies of water and any water I can't see to the bottom in
4. Going too fast in a boat and in a car, I'm afraid of going around corners on two wheels and crashing
5. Failure: failure at parenting, as a wife, at saving for our retirement
6. David losing his job and thus, our financial stability and future
7. My house catching on fire and loosing all the things I hold dear, like my mom's wedding band, the outfit Emily wore home from the hospital and my wedding dress
8. My mother dying
9. Losing friends
10. Global warming's effect on my daughter's life
11. Breast cancer
12. Being homeless
13. My daughter growing up and us not having a relationship even half as wonderful as the one I have with my own mother


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