Thursday Thirteen

Spring is nearly upon us and summer is just around the corner and we are really excited to gear up for the warmer weather!

Thirteen fun-with-kids things we do in The Bay Area:

1. Purchase an Oakland Zoo annual membership
2. Take a day trip down to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk
3. Become members of Lincoln & Franklin pools (they are heated to 90 degrees all year round) so we can swim between 10am and 5pm every day from April thru October
4. Renew our membership to Habitot Children's Museum in Berkeley
5. Purchase season passes for Six Flags Discovery Kingdom up in Vallejo
6. Sign Emily up for the Alameda Parks & Recreation Department summer preschool program
7. Spend a day down in San Leandro at their new Aquatic Center
8. Take the ferry into the city and spend the day at The Aquarium of the Bay
9. Spend the day down at the Alameda beach, having a picnic and splashing in the waves
10. Have a picnic in Golden Gate Park and ride the carousel
11. Ride the steam trains, the ponies and the carousel up in Tilden Park, Berkeley
12. Watch movies every Friday in the park at Crab Cove, Alameda
13. Purchase season passes to California's Great America down in Santa Clara


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