Tuesday Toddler Tales

It's fitting that this week's Tuesday Toddler Tales would be about potty training my 3 1/2 year old as it's all we've been doing for the past 6 days. 

I have to say it, as obnoxious as it might sound, it's been easy.

Maybe because I waited until she was 3 1/2?
Maybe because of her personality?
Maybe because of all the candy and toys we've been using as bribes?
Maybe all of the above?

She's been so eager and excited (after those first two days, of course!) and rarely needs reminding, she just gets that feeling, that urge to "go", and goes to the bathroom to do her business.  She only calls out for us when she's done so we can help her wipe and wash her hands.

Yes, she has accidents but they are rare.  Most happen when she's in a new environment (a friend's house) and is just having too much fun and is too excited to stop and take a bathroom break.  Hopefully this will cease with age?

How do I feel about her not wearing diapers/pull-ups anymore (except for nap time/bed time)?
Right now, I don't feel any a whole lot different.

I mean, it's not as if it was some huge hassle to pack a pull-up and some wipes anytime we left home and she was willing to let us change her when it was neccessary.  I wasn't feeling insecure or worried about her being in pull-ups and was still receiving a lot of "it's totally normal at this age" from our Pediatrician and family and friends.  In fact, I honestly would not have pushed potty training if we didn't need to for Preschool this fall.

Now that she is potty training, it's not a hassle to pack extra panties, pants and socks as well as flushable wipes and a little tupperware bowl of candy rewards.  It is; however, a bit stressful, wondering if/when she might have an accident (especially when in the car for a long time) and we are now on what I call "potty time": meaning we can no longer just jump up and go somewhere, we have to use the bathroom first, to ensure we don't have an accident in the car.  This has taken up to 20 minutes at times.  Again, not terrible nor unbearable, I have just realized I must build in an extra half hour to our trips.  As a SAHM with just a few activities each week, this hasn't been a big deal... yet.  :)

Something that IS different, something huge, is that I am no longer worried she won't end up going to Preschool this fall as **ALL** the schools we were interested in and applied to required her to be out of pull-ups.  Yea!


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