Tuesday Toddler Tales

Warning: TMI!!!

A conversation with my daughter today...

Emily: "Mama, I did not let the poo poo come out"

Me: "What?  Emily, do you need to poo poo?"

Emily: "No, mama, I can hold it in"

Me: "Uh, no.  RUN to the bathroom!!!"

Emily: (sitting on the toilet) "Mama, I can not poop, I can only hold it in"

Me: "That's not a good idea, honey, holding our poo poo in can make us have a tummy ache"

Emily:  (moaning) "Yeah, I have a tummy ache all day!"

Me: (groaning) "Oh, no, really?!?  Can you please try to push it out now, while we are on the potty?  I will have to take you to the doctor if you don't"

Emily: (crying) "Okay, mama, I will poo poo so you won't be sad"

Me: (desperately trying not to laugh) "Thank you, Emily, I'm so proud of you"

And... she pooped!  And all was right with the world again!  :)


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