Turns out we have pneumonia

It wasn't a cold, Emily and I have come down with pneumonia and it's only because David bundled us both up on Monday and took us to Bayside Medical during "drop ins" that we found out!

It's really hit us hard since Saturday and I can only feel thankful that David has been able to be home to take care of us both!  I've been sleeping about 20 hours a day, Emily about 16 hours a day and neither of us have had much of an appetite.  We're hoping the antibiotics, lots of fluids and lots of rest can help us beat this nastiness.

I hope to be back to my regularly scheduled Blogging soon but as of now, I haven't been to the grocery store so, I don't have a Meal Planning post and I'm too exhausted to post this week's Tuesday Toddler Tales and Wordless Wednesday. 

Sorry guys!


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