25 in 2010: Book 1

The first book I finished in 2010 was  Say You're One of Them

I have to say that overall, I'm not impressed.

I only read the book because it was raved about on Oprah and it was $8 at Costco; I don't know anything about the Author and wasn't originally drawn to the storyline but I had no other books lined up to read this year and felt I needed to start somewhere!

Without spoiling the book for anyone, I honestly found it difficult to read because of the African dialect interjected throughout the regular English writing and that had me lost often and found myself re-reading a single page up to 10 times!  I also didn't truly enjoy the three, separate, unrelated stories within the book but that doesn't surprise me as I'm not a fan of collections of short stories within one novel.   I also put the book down feeling sad, unresolved and in angst as the book was about loss, devestation, poverty, child-prostitution and slave-labor, religious killing rituals, and dispair.

For those that know me, I like light-hearted, comical, juicy, gossipy, chick-lit and to be fair, I probably should've put the book back after reading the synopsis on the back cover.  Oh well.

I won't be recommended this book.


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