Emily got accepted to Kiddie Kampus!

What an exciting day, today, I received Emily's acceptance letter and enrollment packet to Kiddie Kampus Preschool in Alameda. 

Kiddie Kampus was our #1 pick and we have been on pins & needles this week, waiting to hear either way.  After attending their Information Night, touring the school, meeting The Director, the Teacher, several Board Members, and currently enrolled families, and completing the application process, we just felt it was the perfect fit for our family.  Even before seeing other schools!  Yes, we did research other schools and I toured enough to lose count but we fell in-love with Kiddie Kampus and it just kept drawing us back.  :)

Our next step is to accept their offer and complete the enrollment packet, which includes choosing whether to enroll Emily 2 mornings, 3 mornings or 5 mornings per week to begin this fall. 

David and I both are so glad Preschool is decided and we are on track, it's much like applying for college... it's not an easy process with all the different types of Preschools, wait lists, applications, fees, interviews, tours and financial considerations.


  1. Wow! How exciting.. Congrats.. I'm glad you guys found something you like and didnt' have to compromise.. Searching for pre-schools can be pretty frustrating and daunting...


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