Potty training: the end of week 4

For anyone who hasn't been following us in our potty training journey who would like to, click ***HERE*** and read from the bottom up.

We haven't had a single accident this past week and she's learned how to use toilet paper to wipe when she goes pee.  Yea!  We are still working on her not playing with the toilet paper and only taking 3 sheets, it seems 3 year olds have difficulty focusing on the task at-hand.

She is also working on pulling her underwear and pants/leggings back up, which is really hard for 3 1/2 year olds to do; she almost always ends up scratching herself trying to get her thumb on the inside of her clothes in order to pull them up and you can see her struggling to reach behind her to pull up the back of her clothes.  A few days ago she fell backwards into the toilet, soaking herself in her own pee (she flushes last).  Oh my gawd, I laughed, I'm not going to lie!  :)  But she was really upset, crying, and frightened at what had happened and probably really upset that it happened because she was learning to pull up her pants.  Poor thing.  She did recover the next day and she does keep trying, which we are really proud of!  Oh!  And the reason we are teaching her this is because she really has to be "able to tend to her own needs in the bathroom" at Preschool this Spring.

We are beyond proud of her, she's doing so well!


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