Potty training update!

Emily woke me up crying; "Mom... mom... mom..." and when I went into to tend to her she looked up at me, while doing what I can only call the potty dance and said; "I want my big girl panties".

I got her out of her crib and she ran to her dresser, opened it up and grabbed a pair of underwear and ran to the bathroom where she wiggled out of her PJs and peed in the potty.

Her pull-up was 100% dry!

Big deal, people!  Staying dry all night is hard and takes a while for toddlers to master.  I am so proud of her!

We won't be getting rid of the night time pull-ups just yet as she's still behind bars (sleeping in her crib) and can't get to the bathroom herself should she wake up in the middle of the night... and because we just do not want to be woken up to come help her (lazy, I know). 

I think a big girl bed is in order for her birthday in September!  :)


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