Recipe: Coconut Shrimp with Fiery Mango Sauce

Who doesn't order the Coconut Shrimp appetizer from Outback Steakhouse or any other restaurant and just die, walking away satisfied thinking; "Man, I wish I could make that at home!"?!?

Well, not me so, I went on the hunt for a recipe to make at home and found this one from Cooking Light Magazine!  David and I loved this recipe and wouldn't change much; however, we doubled the coconut coating mixture and glad we did as we used every last crumb!  It was a tiny disappointment to have some of the shrimp room temperature and some hot out of the skillet so, I think I will bake the shrimp next time.  I found a recipe that calls for you to bake them in a 450 degree oven for 6 minutes per side (turning the shrimp once through the 12 minute total cooking time).

Recipe: Coconut Shrimp with Fiery Mango Sauce

**You can make this sauce ahead of time and serve chilled**
Ingredients for the fiery mango sauce
1  teaspoon  canola oil
2/3  cup  finely chopped onion
1/2  teaspoon  grated peeled fresh ginger
1  garlic clove, minced
1  (12-ounce) can mango nectar (I used Mango puree)
1/4  Scotch bonnet pepper, seeds left in (I used a Habanero as that was what I had)
1 1/2  tablespoons  fresh lime juice
1/8  teaspoon  salt

Directions for the fiery mango sauce
To prepare sauce, heat a small saucepan over medium-high heat. Add oil to pan and swirl to coat. Add onion, ginger, and garlic; sauté 3 minutes, stirring frequently.

Add nectar and pepper; bring to a boil. Cook 10 minutes or until reduced by half, about 3/4 cup.  You'll know it's reduced by half by looking at the ring it will make inside the pan.  Remove from heat and let stand 10 minutes. 

Place mixture in a blender and process until smooth.   Stir in lime juice and salt.  Let cool.

Ingredients for the coconut shrimp
28  jumbo shrimp (about 1 1/2 pounds)
If you have more or less shrimp, just divided the shrimp evenly into 4 batches.
1/2  cup  flaked sweetened coconut (we used 1 cup), pulsed until finely minced in a food processor
1/2  cup  panko breadcrumbs (we used 1 cup)
1/3  cup  cornstarch (we used 2/3 cup)
3  large egg whites, lightly beaten (we used 2 WHOLE eggs plus 3 additional whites)
1/2  teaspoon  salt
8  teaspoons canola oil, divided

Directions for the coconut shrimp
Heat 2 teaspoons of the canola oil a large, high-sided skillet over medium heat until a drop of water makes it sizzle.

Place cornstarch in one dish; the eggs in another dish; and combine the coconut and breadcrumbs in a third dish.  You can use pie pans, tupperware or anything with high sides. 

Peel shrimp however leave on the tails so that you can easily coat the shrimp and fry them as you will have a "handle"!  Be sure to devein them by cutting a shallow slit down the back of each shrimp from head to tail and rinsing out any intrails left inside.  Sprinkle the shrimp with salt.

Working with 1 shrimp at a time, holding on to the tail so that the tail doesn't get coated in any of the mixture, dredge shrimp first in cornstarch, shaking off excess; dip in egg to coat; and then, coat in coconut mixture, firmly pressing it on the shrimp.  Place the shrimp on a plate until all shrimp are coated.

Place 7 shrimp at a time in the skillet, cooking 3 minutes per side if using Extra-large/Jumbo shrimp.  Once cooked on both sides, remove shrimp onto another plate lined with paper towels to drain.  Add 2 more teaspoons of canola oil to the skillet and allow oil to heat up, approximately 2-3 minutes before cooking the next 7 shrimp.  Once those shrimp are cooked, repeat the process two more times until all the oil is used and all 28 shrimp are cooked.

Serve beside the fiery mango sauce with a side of rice, steamed vegetables or even a salad!


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