Thursday Thirteen

David and I are coming up on our 5th Wedding Anniversary and, like in years past, we are taking a trip sans Emily, aka all alone!  We are stoked and are exciting to start the planning!  The only problem is we have no idea where we want to go as the options are overwhelming.

So, that go me thinking about this week's Thursday Thirteen: what are some vacation must-haves for you?

Thirteen things we must have in a vacation, more specifically a vacation sans child:

1. Room service, really great room service that is 24 hours
2. A view from our room, hopefully NOT of other guests at the resort!  We hate pool views or garden views and are more interested in hearing waves lap upon the shore rather than people's conversations
3. Heavenly bedding or something like it, 700 thread-count sheets minimum and lots of extra pillows
4. 85 degree or higher weather, we are tired of the rain and the cold here in Northern California
5. Spa services
6.  4 to 5-star service
7. Excellent restaurants and cafes on property, within walking distance, or a short cab ride to as we love to eat and enjoy wines together
8. Activities, activities, activities!!!  We love to sail, snorkel, hike, explore, zip-line, raft and about a million other things.  We are all about relaxing but we get bored easily.
9. Not necessarily adults-only or couples-only but it would be nice to minimize our interaction with other families and children on this particular vacation
10. We want to stay connected: wi-fi, cellular service, etc., we don't want to be in the wilderness
11. We've cruised before and LOVED it and are considering it again
12. A great night-life; we love casinos and bars, theater, musicals, comedy and dance clubs
13. Romance and romantic activities like couples massage, sunset cruises, musicians and candlelight at dinner, private jaccuzis, etc.


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