Thursday Thirteen

I'm not perfect.

I have days when I stay in my Pjs until noon; the dishes pile up in the sink; Emily watches way too much television and my butt rarely leaves the couch.  What can I say?  Some times I'm just exhausted or feel lazy and uninspired.  Everyone has days like that, right?


So, this week's Thursday Thirteen is a list of things I really want to improve, work on, make better:

1. Exercise!  I need to make this a priority in my life as it always gives me so much energy and... well, I really want to improve my appearance.
2. Eating breakfast, I tend to skip it.
3. Cutting back on the money we spend at the grocery store, which it already in motion with my Meal Planning efforts.
4. Spending less time on the computer and more time with friends in-person
5. Going to bed by 11:00pm every night, I have been staying up way too late to read!
6. Drinking more water and less Redbull.
7. Being more "present" when playing with Emily rather than having one eye on my Iphone or the television.
8. Taking more time for myself to just relax.
9. Setting aside more money for date night!
10. Set an alarm and get myself up and dressed every single day... I thrive with a routine!
11. Learn how to care for our yard/garden.
12. Plan more family activities on weekends.
13. Clean a bit more every single day to ensure it doesn't build up.


  1. With the exception of about 3 words (change red bull to coffee, 11 to 12, and Iphone to Palm Pre), I could have written this exact same list. Exactly. I feel you one million percent. Life has to be pretty good for this to be the list of things that need improvement. But I agree that changing these 13 things would be amazing and make for a ridiculously incredible life. I think it is possible. Good luck.


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