Thursday Thirteen

Diaper bags... when did you officially get rid of yours?

I have friends who swear they haven't carried a bag of any kind for years and they have kids younger than mine.  HOW?!?!? 

Do they have all the supplies they need in their car?
Do they carry a purse and if so, how big is their purse to fit everything they need?
Are they never gone around meal or snack time or always get something on-the-go to eat?
Does their kid never get hurt?
Does their kid never get dirty, wet, or have a leaky diaper or accident?
Does their kid go hours without needing anything or are they only gone from home on very short trips?

I have a 3 1/2 year old and, while I no longer carry a true diaper bag, I still need a tote bag on a daily basis.  No, I don't carry a full-stocked bag when taking a trip to the park where we are walking from home or running a quick errand to the Post Office but I rarely leave home for longer than 30 minutes without my tote bag!

Here are 13 things in my tote bag right now:

1. 2 pairs of underwear and 2 pairs of capris/jeans/shorts for Emily in case of an accident as she's still a fairly new potty-trainer
2. Wipes as kids get dirty and sticky everywhere and Emily tends to always want a snack in the car and I find myself needing to pass her a wipe over the seat quite often
3. Hand sanitizer because there isn't always soap in the bathroom and some times there's not a bathroom at all
4. Emily's Epi-Pen and a bottle of Benedryl as she has an egg allergy
5. A no-spill cup for Emily that's insulated
6. Various snacks but almost always almonds, a granola bar, dried cranberries and cheddar bunnies
7. First-aid including no-sting antiseptic wash and band-aids as Preschoolers tend to fall and get hurt a lot, especially when at the park
8. A gallon-sized Ziploc bag to store soiled clothes to keep everything else in the bag clean
9. Sunscreen and a pair of sunglasses for us both because she just insists on wearing hers any time I wear mine
10. Chapstick and my lipgloss
11. Water bottle for me and to fill up Emily's cup should it become empty, which happens often
12. My IPhone with my calendar, emergency contact information and various important notes on it
13. My wallet


  1. I can't imagine not carrying one! Granted, Harrison is only 5 months old, but I'm like you...the list goes on & on, including a clean shirt for me when he voms all over me in Target.


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