Thursday Thirteen

Because people are curious by nature, I regularly post random details about my life... it also helps me to sort of mentally filter and organize what's going on, how to prioritize what needs to be done and then, accomplish it, and to just get my thoughts out there in the world.

Thirteen things going on with me right now:

1. Had to drop off Emily's Physician's Report to her Pediatrician this morning as part of her Preschool Enrollment Packet and, luckily for me, Dr. Woodard was available and got it done in just a few hours.  The entire packet is due Friday so, I had better get my butt in gear and go pick it up!

2. I had to order flowers for a funeral today.  Something I haven't done since my MIL died in 2007.

3. I'm researching the best pools in Las Vegas for my summer Girl's Trip in August.  I think I've narrowed it down to The Mandalay Bay hotel, which I stayed in back in 2002 and can't wait to visit again!  Now to see if I can get tickets to Cirque's "O" for 6!

4. My "to be filed" stack is so tall it fell over and scattered all over the living room floor this morning.  *sigh*  I guess I'll be doing some filing tonight after dinner.  Ridiculous.

5. I logged on to this past week to re-set my weight-loss goals and wonder if I can really do it this time.  I need to lose 20lbs but would love to lose closer to 30lbs by July 15th.  I know how to do it and am just too lazy to get started.

6. It's going to cost just over $400 to have a hose replaced in my car to get my air conditioner working again.  Ugh!  Good-bye State Tax Refund.

7. I finally went to the Dentist for the first time in years (I know, I know) and while I don't have cavities or gum disease, they are going to need two appointments and a lot of annesthetic to get all the calcified plaque off my teeth.  Hooray!  I'm so not looking forward to next week.  Speaking of the Dentist, I really want my teeth whitened.  Hmmm...

8. My friend Patty is hosting her 2nd annual Easter Egg Hunt over Easter Weekend and I cannot wait to see the look on the kid's faces.  Eek!  Now, what to hide in the eggs so they don't completely rot their teeth?!?  Any ideas?  I'm thinking Annie's Organic Bunny Snacks, stickers and maybe quarters.

9. I think David and I finally agreed on where to go for our 5th Wedding Anniversary trip this September: either Punta Cana or Jamaica.  Woot!

10. American Idol just plain sucks this year and I'm so disappointed as I really look forward to watching it year after year.  I find myself fast-forwarding through more than half of the performances on any given night the show is on. 

11. I'm thinking of waxing my legs for the three beach/pool vacations I have this year but am deathly afraid of the pain.  Any advice?

12. Emily starts a summer Preschool program with the Parks & Rec Department in two weeks and I'm excited but also a bit scared of how much fun she will have without me.  Dumb.

13. Cookie magazine stopped production a few months back and they replaced the remaining issues with W magazine and wow does it suck.  I'm just not into fashion and I could care less about the New York Socialites.  I'm using it to line the cat box and to protect packages I'm shipping. 


  1. I love number 13. W Magazine must be pretty bad :)

  2. W magazine is really god-awful!!
    now.. go to Punta Cana.. You'll love the DR... not that I'm biased or anything (I'm from there), but PC beaches are really gorgeous!


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