Tuesday Toddler Tales

Does your child respond with; "Why?" to everything you say these days?

Emily actually never asks why, rather; "What does that mean?" and "What did he do?".

I can't do much of anything these days without her pintsize curiosity getting the best of her and asking me questions about what I said.

When crappy drivers run through the red light, blocking the intersection for the rest of us and I express my frustration with a really loud; "ARRRRRRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!", which often times follows a blast of my car horn, Emily looks through the front windshield and asks; "What did he do, mama? What that car do?  Why did you say argh?" and I have to resist the urge to say in return; "Because he felt he was too important to wait his turn at the next light, that jackass is now blocking the intersection!".  Instead, I say; "Someone didn't wait their turn, they cut in line in front of mama and now I have to wait longer and that makes me feel frustrated".  Everything turns into a lengthy conversation these days and, apparently, a great learning opportunity!   

I've come to realize as of late that I also have to be fairly accurate with my explanations because she repeats everything I say and some of those things can be taken out of context really easily.  ha!  Oh, the joys of parenting...


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