Tuesday Toddler Tales

So, Emily is completely potty trained during the day and David and I thought leaving her in Pull-ups at night and during her naps was best right now as she is still in her crib and, at 3 1/2 years old, she has been waking up wet on occasion.

For the past week, Emily has been giving us a lot of trouble getting into her Pull-up at night; she gets really upset, usually cries, and tells us; "I don't want to wear that night time Pull-up, I'm a big girl and I want my big girl panties".  We have tried every which way to explain that Pull-ups are for big girls and boys learning to use the potty but it's not working, she thinks they are diapers.  David and I don't want to go backwards in our potty training efforts and we certainly don't want to confuse her so, we decided to let her start wearing big girl panties at night.  To make things easier on ourselves, in case she pees in her bed, I purchased two additional waterproof mattress pads (only $8 at Target and washable!) and a few pairs of Gerber Training Underwear that seem thicker than regular underwear but are not those plastic ones. 

Today is the fourth day in a row Emily has woken us up yelling; "I need to go pee pee!!!"... and her night time training underwear has been completely dry!

And she's not waking up at ridiculous hours of the night, she's sleeping 11-12 hours.

I guess she really is ready and David & I need to start talking about a big girl bed so she can get up and use the bathroom herself.


  1. We need to do that with McKenna. She's still in N/T pull ups too. She fights us every night, but we are persistent. When she gives me a week of dry nights in a pull up, I will make the switch. I'm so glad that Emma is doing so well with the potty training. It was a nightmare at first for us, but when McKenna finally got it, like the light bulb went off in her head, things were *GREAT!

    *Except for going to public places - McKenna is a bathroom inspector like no other. In restaurants, she times it perfectly. Once we sit down she has to go, 3 minutes before food comes, she has to go and in the middle of the meal she has to go. Out of the 3 times, there is only one time that she actually does any business, but we CAN'T not take her...


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