Tuesday Toddler Tales

It's no surprise that posts about Emily are the most-loved, most-requested and I know my husband and family look forward to Tuesdays most each week so, this week is 25 random things about our little "Clairebear", maybe even some things you didn't already know!

1. At 3 1/2, Emily has really great manners and is quick to point out the lack of yours!
2. Her hair is exactly like mine: dishwater blond with natural highlights, very fine and long - it's down to her waist now!
3. She got her smile from her Grandma Bonnie who we lost to her battle with cancer back in January 2007.  It's amazing to look at Emily and pictures of Bonnie and see such a resemblance.
4. She could watch Pixar's "Cars" 1,000 times... I actually think she already has.
5. She sleeps with her mouth open and mostly on her back, just like her daddy!  :)
6. Her absolute favorite thing in the world is to play with other kids, she runs towards complete strangers when we are at the park or the aquarium and immediately tries to talk to them and engage them in activities.  She then gets completely tickled when they respond positively to her, running to tell us; "the kids like me, mama!".  It seems she's a real people-pleaser.
7. Emily has tiny feet like her mama, only now wearing a size 7 shoe.
8. She can ride her trike backwards & forwards and does laps around the house and the dining room table daily.
9. "Orca" and "Whale", two soft, plastic toys go everywhere with her including the bath tub and her bed at night and all activities stop when she doesn't have them.
10. Her favorite fruits right now are pears and fresh pineapple.
11. Phineas and Ferb is her favorite cartoon on television and she knows the words to the theme song.
12. Give her a magnifying glass and she'll be occupied for hours!
13. Emily is incredibly dramatic right now, really playing up every boo-boo, and laughing psychotically when she finds something funny. 
14. Digging for worms and handling the family of Salamanders that live under the rocks in our front yard is where you can find her most mornings when we are playing around outside.
15. She loves the water: she wants to play in my sink when I'm washing dishes, she requests a bath up to 3x a day, and is always the first one in and the last one out of the ocean & the pool.  She is our little Emma-Swimma!
16. She loves to demonstrate how "super strong" she is by carrying out cat around and trying to take my bag/purse to the car when we leave home.  She loves to show off her muscles!
17. Telling her Gran is coming to visit is better than Christmas morning, she can hardly stand the wait the day we pick her up from the airport.  Those two have an amazing bond.
18. Likes to pull the pillowcase off her pillow and crawl inside it, sleeping in it like a sleeping bag.
19. Emily has her "yippee", "pretty", "crazy" and "angry" smile, just tell her which one you want her to use.
20. She's definitely right-handed, doing everything with her right hand including: using scissors, eating, throwing & catching a ball and high-fiving.
21. I caught her thumbing through a novel I was reading and when I asked what she was reading about she said; "Kitty food for Allie because she's a kitty and she eats kitty food, not my ham sandwich".  Ha!
22. A trip to the Vivarium (think gigantic pet store specifically for reptiles) is better than Disneyland.
23. We often go to The Oakland Zoo just to ride the carnival-style rides all day.
24. Emily loves to use the paper shredder and I often save up my statements from the month to let her have at it for an hour.
25. Kisses are really hard to come by and she will often wipe off a kiss we give her telling us; "ew, that's disgusting!".  *sigh*


  1. Adorable.

    I totally hear her on the paper shredder thing. MacGyver knows to save our shredding for me, because it brings me such joy!


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