25 in 2010: Book 5

I have never listened to Dr. Laura Schlessinger's radio show nor read a single book of hers but was intrigued by talk about The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands after hearing so much about it and feeling like maybe I could use a little reminder of how I can best treat my own husband.  I think it's too easy to forget how to nurture each other, especially after you've settled into the comfortable routine of marriage and definitely after you've had a child and your focus and attention is most needed by them.

So, I dove into this book with an open mind and an open heart in order to ensure I got everything out of it that I possibly could.  While she makes some very interesting and valid points about what men need most from their wives (agreed upon by my own husband, which is all I needed to hear to believe her!), it was very difficult for me to like her and respect her wisdom because of her incredibly condescending tone.  It almost felt as if we women are the enemy with the way she responded to the women she interviewed for this book: she was hostile towards them, called a few stupid, and even suggested "if you don't do it for him he will seek it elsewhere, rightly so" and this just made my blood boil!  It's as if she has put 100% of the responsibility for our husband's happiness on our shoulders and that it's their right to leave us, cheat on us, divorce us even if we slack off.  It is weird, really that she isn't more tactful, respectful, and gentle of us all especially considering that this is a self improvement book.  Geez!

If you can get past your dislike of her, this is a great book!  It gave me a lot of perspective on what men want from their wives, from women in general, and what they need in order to feel loved, appreciated, respected, needed, and wanted... sort of like Mars vs. Venus, another book I haven't read.  The best part about reading this book was asking my husband; "is this true, is this how you feel?" and gaining real perspective in my own marriage!

Whether you are married or not or feel perfectly content in your own marriage or maybe not, this is a great book!


  1. You make it sound like an interesting way to look at marriage from a new angle and get a different perspective. I've heard from other people too that her tone is very condescending and annoying. I wonder if I could get over that...

  2. I read this last year and loved it! Always good to remember how we can better love our true love!

    Found you through the D-List blog party ... loved reading your blog!



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