Is Costco always a great deal?!?

Don't mistake me, I'm a huge fan of Costco and have been a member for over 4 years now; however, I have recently fallen in-love with the Up & Up brand of lots of products carried at Target, which is a steal 99% of the time especially when combined with a coupon, and sales on meat, poultry, and staples at my local Safeway & Nob Hill grocery stores have really made me question: is Costco always a great deal?!?

In order to answer this question, I decided to start a Price Sheet: a listing of what thing cost at which stores in order to compare and find the best price possible on any given item.

To further share my knowledge, I've decided to dedicate this section of my blog to my findings!

My Price Sheet will only compare products I use and love, not every product out there and will not always compare the exact same product between stores as I often prefer the generic.

For example: is buying Gain laundry detergent from Costco, 195 loads, a better deal than buying the Up & Up laundry detergent, 195 loads, from Target? The point of this isn't necessarily to ensure I'm getting the lowest price on Gain laundry detergent but whether continuing to pay $50/year to shop at Costco is worth it!

**Note: it's very important to keep track of whether the price involved savings with a coupon as that savings is not guaranteed every time you shop for that particular item so, to be absolutely clear, you will find a "W/C" and the coupon's amount next to those items.**

Price Sheet
[I have highlighted the lowest price]

Gain laundry detergent (110 loads) $14.69 at Costco W/C $3
Up & Up laundry detergent (100oz) at Target $8.79

Downy fabric softener (110 loads ) $12.49 at Costco
Up & Up fabric softener (90 loads) at Target $6.49

Lysol wipes 3pack (110 wipes per can) $9.49 at Costco W/C $3

Stay tuned as I fill in my price comparisons as I've only just begun to shop and compare this week!


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