My first day of Preschool

As a follow-up to Emily's first day of Preschool,  here's what the day meant for me:

7:00am - I was startled awake by my alarm clock blaring, something that hasn't happened in over 4 years.  David flies up out of bed and slaps it to shut it off.  I'm not sure, but I might have had a minor heart attack.  David gets up immediately, I slip back into slumber.  The alarm goes off again and I know I have to get up because it's now 7:09am.  Ugh.  I stumbled to the bathroom, rubbing my eyes and everything and nearly broke my neck when I turned on the light, which blinded me, and I slammed into the vanity.  Nice.

7:20am - I managed to shower without killing myself nor cutting myself while shaving but was still quite the Grumpasaurus as I hadn't had any caffeine and David was hogging our only mirror.  Because of said hogging, I made David be the one to wake Emily up as she is the definition of "not a morning person".  ha!  Apparently, she greeted him excitedly... damn.

7:22am - First gulp of caffeine... feeling human and have now allowed David to speak to me.

7:45am - Finished packing David's lunch (as I do every morning) and packed a lunch for Emily and I to enjoy after Preschool, at their playground, as we have done with friends over the past few weeks.  David finally got Emily out of her crib and she is now eating her breakfast while watching Sprout.

8:10am - My hair is done, my make-up is done and I am finally awake!  I hear David struggling to get Emily dressed and see her streak past the bathroom.  I begin to worry that we will never get out of the house at 8:40... I also take 10 seconds to laugh to myself at her naked butt.

8:20am - I'm finally dressed and I come downstairs to find David negotiating with Emily to get her jacket on.  She slaps his hand away, shouting; "No, I do it!".  He gives up and goes to make he & I some eggs for breakfast.  What a guy and now I feel crappy for being so devious.  

8:25am - David gets his bag packed for work and finds his jacket while I double-check my bag for the morning's errands.

8:35am - I get Emily's face washed and her hair fixed and I suddenly remember that I didn't pack a bag for Emily to leave at school with her, in case of an accident.  Argh!  Cursing under my breath, I rush to throw a change of clothes into her backpack and later would discover that what I grabbed not only didn't match but wasn't the right size.  I am now sweating.

8:40am - We are pulling away from the house.  What a mess.

9:27am - I drop David back off at home so he can go to work and we are both a mess after having to leave our hysterically screaming child at  Preschool.  My grand plans of running errands with ease and in a leisurely fashion, driving down the road with a radio station of my choice turned up to my liking, and a big smile plastered on my face as I look forward to a blissful 3 hours alone were just not enjoyable after all that.

10:11am - My stomach is still in knots as I made a bank deposit and purchased scallions from Safeway.  Is Emily still crying and are they comforting her?

10:30am - Just purchased perfume I have been out of for over a month at Sephora and wonder if Emily will be angry with me; will she feel I abandoned her?  Will she remember and hold a grudge?  Is that possible at 3 1/2 years old?!?

11:20am - I realize I just can't enjoy myself, after browsing through Old Navy (I had to return some things), Ann Taylor LOFT and H & M, because I am just so uneasy about how upset Emily was when we dropped her off, so, I grab some more caffeine from the gas station before driving back home.

11:50am - Peeking through the classroom window, I see my daughter, the previous hysterical Stage 5 Clinger, happily running around with another little girl, flipping through a book and allowing the teacher's aid to put her jacket on.  My stomach knots are gone, tears of relief flow down my face, and I feel an excitement to see her like nothing I have ever experienced.

12:10pm - Emily's name is called and she walks outside and, when our eyes connect, she leaps into my arms, crying.  She makes it clear she doesn't want to return to school and tells me; "I was so crying very hard for you, mama".  I feel I might vomit.  She does not want to stay at the playground at her Preschool to have our picnic lunch so, we go home to eat it.

After lunch, we lay down on the couch to share a movie instead of taking a nap today and then we, searched for bugs outside, blew some bubbles, chased the cat, rode her trike around the block 900 times, put together a puzzle and played dress-up.  It seems Emily returned to her "old self".  Either she doesn't remember or has forgiven me... I'll take either!


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