Potty Training my 3 year old: an update

It's been over a month since I last update you all on our potty training efforts with Emily and some interesting things have occurred. 

First the fantastic news:
Emily has yet to have an accident over night and we are still in almost disbelief!  She sleeps 11-13 hours at night and never wakes up wet the next morning.  After us helping her get out of her crib, she makes her way to the bathroom and pees all by herself.  She can get on/off the potty, flush, wash her hands and put her PJs and night time panties in her hamper, as well as get on day time panties all on her own!  I guess what my friends & family said was true; "when they are ready, they're just ready"!

And now, the interesting news:
Emily has pooped in the potty every single day for two weeks without accident! 

So, what was going on the two and a half weeks before, you ask?  I know you all remember that Emily was peeing AND pooping on the potty without incident all this time!

She became lazy about pooping in the potty, too busy having fun to acknowledge that urge to go, and a visit from Gran seemed to exacerbate the issue... she was pooping in her panties every single day, some times more than once a day!  I'll spare you the details, the only thing you need to know is that cutting them off and throwing them away was our only choice.  Gross.  What was most frustrating about the whole ordeal was that she was so flippant about it, saying; "well, I'll just go get a new clean pair, mama" and skipping off to her room.  She felt no remorse over her laziness nor ruining her panties so, after some careful consideration David & I agreed she needed a consequence: nothing too harsh as potty training is a very delicate process for most kids but something that would be unappealing enough to deter her.  We decided to make her wear her pooped panties (after we cleared out as much of the poop as possible) for the rest of the day until she either 1) pooped in the potty or 2) it was night time and she had to wear night time panties (and because we didn't want her to develop a rash.

Sounds harsh?

Yep, it is but let me tell you how disgusted and upset she was and how in less than 3 days she was pooping on the potty successfully!   ;)

We both made a huge deal out of her pooping in the potty, giving her high-fives and rewarding her with M&M's and she would loudly and excitedly exclaim; "and now I get a clean pair of panties, mama!!!" as she rushed to her room to dispose of the pooped ones in her hamper.

So, for now, things are all positive on the potty training front and laundry can return to normal for David!


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