Preschool: Day 2, what progress!

So, today was Emily's second day of Preschool and wow, what a difference from Tuesday!

Just to recap: after school on Tuesday, when Emily got a less than stellar review from her teacher, I spend the rest of the day and all day Wednesday reminding her how important it is for her to listen & obey to Ms. Natalie.  We talked about lining up, waiting her turn, sitting quietly on the rug during story time, staying in her seat during snack time, and not running away when given directions.  She seemed to understand what I was saying and the reasoning behind it and we made a deal: if she does a great job at school on Thursday, I would take her up to Pixar to eat pizza with daddy.  You should've seen the excitement on her face as she eagerly shook my hand and said; "deal!".

Tuesday morning David and I both got up at 7:00am with our alarm and Emily was awake on her own shortly after.  We got her out of bed and gave her breakfast, letting her pick a show to watch while she ate, reminding her that she had school today.  She was actually excited about it and mentioned that she wanted to wear her "fireworks" shirt to show her new friends.  We got all packed up and in the car with no issues!  Emily seemed fine with the idea that we were going to school today but freaked a little when we parked in front of the school.  She said she didn't want me to leave her, she didn't want to go to school because she was scared and that she wanted to stay with me.  I decided not to say anything but just get her out of the car and walk up to the school and, suprisingly, she didn't fight me.  Approaching the door, she recognized her friends Ava and Taylor and immediately said; "hi" and went up to them.  Patty, Ava's mom, said; "Ava, why don't you hold Emily's hand and we'll walk into the class together" and they did.  So cute!  The two of them got their name tags, put them in their folders and ran off to sit in the reading corner and read some books.  Watching it was surreal!  I hung up her backpack, waved at the teacher and left. 

According to 2 moms who stayed the whole 3 hours, peeking thru the windows, Emily listened really well, stood in line, took her turn, played really nice with all the kids and seemed really happy.  Yea! 

When I picked her up, she ran at me with a huge smile and said; "Mama, you came back!".  :-D  I hugged her, gave her a double high five for being brave and good and listening & obeying Ms. Natalie, and reminded her that her good behavior at school earned her a pizza lunch at Pixar with daddy.  She squealed all the way to Emeryville and was quite animated about her morning at school, describing the ladybug she made and the snack she ate.

I'm beyond proud of her progress and excitement and we are all looking forward to next week!


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