Preschool: Day 4

I think I may have found the way to make the Preschool transition easiest on us all. 

After having a tear-free drop-off and positive report upon pick-up on Thursday, it became obvious to me what works with Emily:

* Talking to Emily about how fun Preschool is, the day before; reminding her of the art projects that she has loved making, the hour they get on the play ground, her friends that attend... my girl is all about the fun!

* Naming all her friends that are going to be there as she knows them now and is really excited to play with them and often talks about them on non-school days.

* Reminding her that the mommies are not allowed to stay, pointing out that there is never a mommy in class with her, but that I will be standing just outside the door, waiting for her like I have done every day. 

* And finally, the promise of a reward upon pick-up that she gets to choose (we discuss this on the drive to school): lunch with daddy, staying at the playground to play and have a picnic lunch, getting to watch a movie of her choice once we are home, a popsicle for dessert, and a trip to the Zoo, Six Flags or the Museum where we are members are some of her requests thus far.  In order to get the reward she must listen & obey Ms. Natalie, be kind, sit "criss-cross applesauce" on the rug when told, get in line and willingly come in after playground time, and not get a single time-out.

Thursday was a great day all around for Emily at Preschool.  She didn't hesitate once when walking up to the school and she never looked back at me after entering the room to go "check in" (they have to find their name tags and go sit on the rug with them... it helps them recognize their name); held hands on the 3-block walk to the public Library (field trip!) and sat for the stories for the most part; took turns on the swing during playground time (the most popular attraction) and lined up when it was time to go back inside; sat criss-cross applesauce on the rug until her name was called and it was her turn to exit the classroom; and Ms. Natalie told me she didn't have a single time-out today.  I call that progress!


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