Preschool: Day 5

Today marked the beginning of Emily's third week of Preschool and today was her fifth day and I really am at a loss for words...

I honestly cannot believe the transformation in her attitude and behavior!

She actually ran up to the door of the school, waved to her friends and greeted her teacher, Ms. Natalie.  She took off her rain coat and hung it up along with her backpack and raced to the table to find her name tag in order to "check in" for the day.  She looked back at me to make sure I waved good-bye and then, walked away with a smile on her face to find a spot to sit on the reading rug.


I was in tears on the way to the car; happy tears, tears of joy, tears of pride in her progress, and tears in recognition that my baby really is growing up right before my eyes.  There is no greater reward!

Upon pick-up she was wearing that same gigantic smile and rather than expressing how hard she cried for me and how much she missed me, she waved her Monster art project in my face and said; "I'm sorry that I pee peed in my panties, mama, can we have some lunch now?".  ha!  Apparently, she was too late getting to the bathroom and had to be changed, thank goodness I packed a change of clothes in her little backpack!

I'm so proud of you, Emily!


  1. That is great news! I still remember when my son would cry when I dropped him off but then not want to leave when I came to pick him up. Now I'm lucky if I get a hug goodbye in the morning as he is so excited to start playing with his buddies!

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  2. Aw, that's great! She really adjusted quickly.


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