Tuesday Toddler Tales

Ugh... as is always true in Parenthood, once I finally feel I have this parenting thing under control, Emily throws me a curve ball and I have to quickly adapt so that I can keep my sanity!

So, what's changed?

Emily's sleep habits: she's not falling asleep at night until after 10:00pm (8:30pm is normal for her to be asleep) and she's not waking up in the morning until nearly 11:00am (8:30am is normal for her to be awake every morning).  You would think after a day full of running around at the park with friends or gymnastics class and NO NAP, she would be absolutely exhausted and passed out by the time her head hits the pillow but lately, that hasn't been the case.  And on the days she does nap (from about 1:30-3:30pm), she's really wound up and there's no hope of getting her into her crib before 8:30pm.  It seems the nap isn't the problem or I would have no problem eliminating it! 

She will lay in there for hours, talking, singing, thrashing, playing peek-a-boo with herself, taking her pillowcase off and climbing inside it like a sleeping bag, and reading her books to her favorite stuffed animals.

I know it's not daylight savings time because, thanks to the new Eclipse black-out curtains, her room is pitch-black by 8:00pm every night.

Just a phase?!?



  1. McKenna went through this too. I never read the book, and I don't remember what its calld (I know, I'm a ton of help, right), but I know the main thing it talks about is good sleep produces more good sleep. I know it works for McKenna but every once in a while her body gets out of sync and it's really hard to get back on track.

    We all know you can't force a toddler to do anything, so I hope she starts napping again. Maybe if she naps the bedtime routine will fall into place?

    I wish I had more advice, but I do the toddler tango just like you do. Most days are fun, but some days are just...exhausting.


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