Tuesday Toddler Tales - Preschool: Day 3

How did Emily do on her third day of Preschool?!?

Well, let's just say it's still going to take some time for her to adjust to being left with strangers... ugh, it was a rough morning.

She woke up in a great mood, repeating me; "it's time for school, it's time for school" with a smile on her face but that smile soon faded as we pulled up to the school and she realized she was going to school, without me.  She began to drag her feet and beg me not to leave her, telling me she would cry so hard for me and she would miss me so much.

Like last week, I reminded her how big girls went to school, how much fun she would have at school playing with all the kids and doing an art project, and told her that I would be right back for her to pick her up when school was over.  She didn't want to hear of any of it and wrapped herself around my leg like a jellyfish.  Talk about feeling helpless!  I kept reassuring her how much fun school would be and pointed out all her friends, while slowly making my way into the classroom and over to the rug.  I pried her from my leg, sitting her down next to the Teacher's Assistand and bolted, yelling; "I love you" over my shoulder without looking back and I drove away, to the grocery store.

I must be honest, it took me that first 45 minutes to gather myself, settle my heartache and concentrate on the shopping I needed to get done.  Her words, that fearful look on her face, it really got to me and brought tears to my eyes.  I could still hear her screaming for me as I examined produce and my stomach felt ill.

I have never had issue leaving her with the gym daycare, friends, our babysitter, and on Friday's when it was my turn to leave her at My Play Place and she has never so much as looked back!  This behavior, while I do understand it, is just so out of character for her and it's been really hard for me to grasp and accept.

I guess we all go through tough adjustments in life...

For those wondering, she had a huge smile on her face when I picked her up, proudly showed off her art work and told me she cried so hard for me; however, Ms. Natalie and another parent said she stopped crying 2 minutes after I left and plays really well independently and with all the other kids in the classroom.


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