25 in 2010: Book 6

I just wrapped up book #6: Babyproofing Your Marriage by Stacie Cockrell, Cathy O'Neill and Julia Stone and I only have two things to say:

1) This book does A LOT of what I consider to be "man-bashing" that is really unattractive as my husband has never treated me as badly as the men interviewed for this book and actually laughed out loud when I read him several exerpts regarding some of the God-awful behavior represented in this book;

2) This book is only going to give you a slight amount of perspective should you read it as a brand new, first-time mom.  Brand new meaning in the first few weeks of post pardem.  It was all old hat to me, the few parts that were relevant; and

3) Although I know it's really petty, this book had no clear chapters, sections, nor comprehensive thoughts; it was really hard to follow... just plain poor organization!

A great group of other first time moms and girlfriends who have been there and done that whom speak honestly, baring all warts, will do you a whole lot better than this book!  Should you have neither, read this book with an open mind, light heart, and while at least 2 glasses in to a really great wine.  Don't assume your husband will behavior similarly... please, don't read this book without a cup and half of salt!


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