Blog Party 2010: The D-List Blog Hop

I'm participating in the coolest networking event I have ever done: The D-List Blog Hop and I want you all to join as well by heading over to D-Listed Mom Blogs and signing yourself up for the 2010 Blog Party to network as I recognize a lot of the Bloggers already linked up and can honestly say they are some of the most creative, genuine, non-perfect, most loveable women you could ever hope to meet some day!

Now, on to a little about me for all my new readers:

Growing this community of loyal readers of Not Your Mama's Martha has been years in the making and one of my favorite hobbies that just exploded for me once Emily was born as, like most of you, I use my blog as a way to keep all our friends & family members up-to-date on our daughter (the first and only Grandchild on both sides of our families!).  Then, as I began to share my recipes, book reviews, and my favorite activities to do with kids in The San Francisco Bay Area, I saw my followers jump from 12 to 66 in a period of about 5 months.  It was so exciting to know complete strangers were interested in my life and it gave me even more confidence to continue testing recipes and sharing my opinions.

I love the creative outlet my blog gives me and I really love:

That I'm only 5' 3" and am not the only mom who's still hanging on to her baby weight nearly 4 years after giving birth and that it's not even an issue for my husband who adores me.  Although I don't love that I can't seem to stick with The 30-day Shred nor the Couch to 5K... any tips?!?!?

That I get to stay at home: cooking from scratch 6 days a week; cleaning, mostly with Seventh Generation and other green cleaners; maintaining our family's activity and social calendar (it's insane how busy the three of us are, especially my husband since he recently got into WarHammer again); running all our errands as David's work hours leave him no time to even get to an ATM; shuttling Emily to and from Preschool and her extra curricular activities (there is nothing cuter than a little girl in a tutu mastering the foam pit at Gymnastics!); clipping coupons, meal planning, and grocery shopping; and organizing birthday parties and girl's night out in 1950's housewife fashion.

Sharing my opinion on products, places, and restaurants as well as how to cope with the challenges of parenting; I have often been called a walking billboard as I am really passionate about the things that have brought joy to my life and helped me through a difficult situation.

But most of all, I love that I'm not perfect nor am I great at every little thing... I am nothing like Martha Stewart and people love me for that.

Become a follower of Not Your Mama's Martha and leave me a comment that you were here with a link to your blog and let's get to know each other!


  1. Hi! Stopping by form D listed and loving your beautiful blog since I
    -Love SF and can´t wait to take my baby there
    -Love to cook and try new recipes
    -Love funny toddlers!
    I´d love it if you stop by my blog sometime

  2. I'm glad you explained your blog title. I didn't "get" it at all since your name isn't Martha! I was wondering who Martha was! I have had you in my Google Reader as "Mommy Needs a Time Out." I've changed it now.

  3. Hi! I'm starting to think that making these blog rounds and reading about everyone doing the couch to 5K thing is some kind of sign..... LOL!
    In all seriousness though,I love your blog and am glad I found it. Also? I'm a new twitter follower! :)

  4. Hey, Amanda! I am glad you posted about the blog hop, it is such a great idea, I headed right over.

    I always like checking out your recipes - you see to like similar things :)

    I can't figure out how to get the Blog Hop Button onto my blog entry - can you help? I tried to copy & paste from THE D-LIST, but when I am in Blogspot, it won't let me paste. Ideas?


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