Brand new look... want one of your own?

Here at Not Your Mama's Martha we are always stretching ourselves creatively (all the while knowing we aren't reinventing the wheel or anything!) and blog design is our most recent adventure.

You like?!?!?

If you want a new blog design for your blog including but not limited to:

* A new URL
* Additional columns
* A new background (you can choose one at thecutestblogontheblock, shabbyblogs, hotbliggityblog, leeloublogs, etc. or give me free reign based upon the colors in your header)
* A new, custom header with your OWN images (or one pre-made from the same sites I just listed) and text, not the generic fonts Blogger offers
* Page tabs under your header in your choice of colors
* A button others can "grab" who want to show their love for you
* Your Twitter feed and a link to your Facebook Fan Page
* Link lists of your favorite blogs

Become a follower of Not Your Mama's Martha here on Blogger/Google Reader and on Twitter (find both buttons on the right-hand side!) and leave me a comment on this post with a link to your blog!

The winner will be randomly chosen on Friday!


  1. Just wanted to say I love your blog, your spirit, your dedication, and your attitude. You seem just so upbeat and on the ball. I seriously admire you! I have 2 little girls 2.5 and 4.5 months and I'm drowning day to day lol. Anyway, love the new blog design. I've been working on starting up a blog of my own being that I've always enjoyed writing but I have no idea how I'd get people to read so it seems fruitless. Our families know what's going on so no point there. Well Emily is adorable! Best wishes. Thanks for the bow link as well! Super cute.

  2. Of course I'm game! My blog is:

    Love your blog and the new look!

  3. Hey! I would love help with the look of my blog.

  4. Love the new look Amanda!

  5. I don't need a full new layout, but I just wanted to tell you I love the new look. :)

  6. Yay! You know that I follow you and where to find me :)

  7. Would love a new look! If I'm chosen can you email me and I will link you to my blog!? Thanks!

  8. I could really use a new blog design.. mine is so blah...

  9. I'm so glad I found your blog again! I used to follow you when I was on The Bump, but then baby came and time became a precious commodity - LOL! Love the new look...mine could use some help!


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