First garage sale: HUGE success!

I honestly cannot believe we made over $900 today and am a bit embarrassed that I had that much stuff to sell but boy, am I excited about the money we made!

I've been a bit MIA from my blog because I've had to clean, wash, organize, fold, and label 100s of items and then, make signs, put an ad on Craig's List and on some other local networks AND spend all day Saturday to get it all set out on tables in my garage.  This morning, at 9:00am, David pulled the tables out into the driveway and just about everything was gone by 3:00pm.

People WILL buy anything, even if YOU wouldn't buy it so, don't throw anything away!

Most surprising things people bought:
* Febreez & Glade plug ins ($2 each!), the bases not the oil refills
* Swiffer wet & dry cloths ($5 per new box never used)
* Babyproofing cabinet locks, soft corners, shades for the car (all heavily used but $1 each)
* Used baby gates ($5 each)
* Old throw pillows/blankets/front porch rug ($2-$3)
* Flower pots ($1)
* Old cat litterbox ($10) and half-empty box of wet cat food ($5)
* Diapers ($0.50 each!) from a box we never finished while potty training
* Straw sippy cups ($1 each) and those Take-n-Toss tupperware sets ($0.25 each bowl or cup)

I did have some really nice stuff, some with tags still on (the most embarrassing part!), including a Coach purse/wallet from 11 years ago someone paid $125 for; boxes full of electronic toys; puzzles; coats/vests; 58 DVDs (including Baby Einstein that people bought for $3 each); and a ton of clothes/shoes that Emily had outgrown that sold for $1-$5.

The things people did not buy, which I was most surprised by were my hardback and paperback books, priced at $1 and $3.  Chick-lit, mostly, all current stuff on sale now.  Maybe everyone has already read what I have?!?  Gonna try to sell the entire lot on Craig's List and go to Half-priced Books one more time (they were overstocked in what I had the last time I went) to see if I can unload them.

Wow.. I'm exhausted but it was so worth it!   :)


  1. Wow, that's great! I've been trying to convince Chris to have a garage sale, but he thinks no one will come 'cause we're in the back of a big subdivision :(

  2. If you still have the books around, you could also donate them to your local library. Some hospitals also take them. (And magazines if you have subscriptions. My library is so close to the hospital that pass them on to the library if they aren't usable or do not sell in the book bin w/in a specific amount of time.)


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