I have fallen behind...

Hello loyal readers,

So sorry I have fallen a bit behind on my weekly postings; the Wrap Party for Toy Story 3 and Mother's Day had me completely consumed this last week!

And for those anxiously awaiting, there will be no pictures of the actual Wrap Party this year as we've been asked by Disney/Pixar not to post them due to what happened last year (part of "Up" was leaked because someone recorded the viewing on their camera phone... so sad).  Anyhow, I will post a few pictures of David & I all dressed up and ready to paint the town as soon as I can get my hot little hands on them!  And once the movie is released on June 18th, I'll post/tag myself in all the photos taken by friends & family.  So sorry to disappoint but I know you understand!   

I am all caught up though and for anyone interested, you can see my Weekly Meal Plan by clicking **HERE**.


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