Preschool: 6 weeks in!

I just realized I haven't done an update in nearly three weeks and am so happy to report only good things!

We are six weeks in to The Small Fry Summer Preschool Program and it seems we have overcome all our initial obstacles.

Emily usually greets us over the baby monitor; "rise and shine, it's time for school" on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and is eager to pick out her clothes, pack her backpack, and choose what to eat for breakfast.  David & I are more accustomed to the alarm going off at 7:00am and aren't so grouchy as well and we all three leave home just before 9:00am, happy.

Emily helps clean up from the art projects and free play times, sits criss-cross applesauce on the reading rug when told during story time and pick-up, and is quick to get in line when leaving the playground.  She's also only had one more time-out in the last three weeks. 

Ms. Natalie has had nothing but great things to report upon pick-up!

Only two weeks to go before we say good-bye to Small Frys and move on to Kiddie Kampus' Summer Programs before we start Preschool at Kiddie Kampus this fall.


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