Target steals

My girlfriend, Petra, gave me a $45 gift card to Target in thanks for lending her some baby gear and it was literally burning a hole in my pocket the past 24 hours so, since Emily is quaranteened home again today, I had the perfect excuse to spend it.

My loot today for $44.28
*Prices are per item

(4) cans tomato sauce $0.65
(2) Baja chipotle marinade $2.00
(6) Annie's organic macaroni & cheese $1.25
48oz Hunt's ketch-up $2.12
(2) Quaker granola bars $2.00
(2) Tomato soup $1.50
(6) Jiffy cornbread $0.57
(2) Funfetti cake mix $0.99
(2) Strawberry PopTarts $1.75
2lbs brown sugar $1.50
Paprika $2.09
Ground black pepper $1.09

I would shop just about anywhere; a deal is a deal but oh, how I love Target!


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