Thursday Thirteen

Anyone else think Mother's Day should be every day...

Or at least once per month...

To be thanked [verbally] for all that we do for our husbands and our kids and our kids' school, friends, soccer team, church, and Scouts?!?

No?  *sigh*

Well, could we at least get something really great on our one special day per year then?!?


Here's my list of the thirteen things I'd like to do, be done for me, and/or be given to me on Mother's Day:

1. I'd like to sleep in and I mean really sleep in, until like 10:00am, and not just that I get to stay in bed until 10:00am but that I get to SLEEP.  No yelling, screaming, pots & pans banging, cursing as you chase after the cat who has again escaped to the backyard, begging & pleading with Emily to get dressed, and the volume of the television should not exceed 16. 

2. I would like to catch up on my email, Facebook, blog and maybe read the paper while enjoying a home-cooked breakfast of French Toast, scrambled eggs, and bacon... in bed.

3. I would like a beautiful bouquet of flowers (peonies, hydrangea, tulips, should you need suggestions) on the kitchen counter NOT purchased from a Florist but rather from our local Farmer's Market.

4. No need to purchase me a gift as I already bought myself The Rabbit Vacuum Wine Preserver, two new pair of Hip Slung khakis, and two new bras.  Thanks, honey!

5. A super fun day with my husband and my daughter!  A trip to the park, one of our "nature walks", even a trip to Target!  Anything to spend time with my family and relish in all the things I love about being a mother.

6. I don't want to do any chores today, but that doesn't mean I expect you to do them, honey, I just want to relax and have fun for the whole day!

7. Dinner cooked by YOU!  Yea, I'm so excited as I already know you are planning to make me a Lobster dinner that you are cooking 100%.  I cannot wait to eat but am even more excited that I'm not cooking it.  Wait... does this mean I have to clean up, like you do when I cook?  Er...

8. Please take a photo of Emily and I, like you do every year on Mother's Day!!!

9. I'd really like to share a bottle of "the good stuff" with you with dinner, make sure you chill it!

10. I'd love to put my daughter to bed and instead of reading books to her, I want to flip through our photo albums of when I was pregnant and how excited we were for her to be born.  I'd love to look through our albums as a family as well.

11. I'd also like one of your delicious, creative, grilled desserts, babe!  Maybe that pineapple one with the coconut ice cream?!?  Oh!  Did I not tell you all that my husband is THE GrillMaster?  :)

12. Clean sheets to go to sleep in tonight!  I know you normally wash sheets during the week, babe... could you wait and wash them on Sunday afternoon? 

13. A chance to call my own mother to wish her a wonderful Mother's Day and tell her all the ways I love her, without Emily grabbing for the phone to talk to her Gran.


  1. Sounds great! I would love all of those things too.

  2. This is great! I'm copying it and giving it to my husband!!
    Happy Mother's Day!!!


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