Tuesday Toddler Tales

Well, it seems at 3 years and 8 months of age, the afternoon nap is fading fast.  Yeah, yeah, I know... I am so lucky it lasted this long!

Preschool, Gymnastics and our other morning activities really do wear her out; however, her fatigue normally results in her falling asleep in her plate at dinner time rather than at her previous nap time of 1:30pm. 

I'm pretty cool with it, as it just means the lights go out around 7:00pm every night (to ensure she gets 12 hours of sleep!) so she can be up with the alarm at 7:00am.  This means dinner is at 6:30pm and that I get about an hour of complete silence between the time she goes to bed and David gets home from work.  Full control of the remote, yea!

The lack of an afternoon nap has also freed up the time we have to meet up with friends for play dates at the park, for a Target run, and for lunch with daddy up at Pixar as we are no longer rushing to beat the clock.

The cons are that as a SAHM with nothing on the calendar (as of now) on Mondays and Fridays to break up the day, I tend to get bored, impatient, and disengaged after lunch time and the 12-hour day can really d......r......a......g.  I'm going to remedy this by committing to taking her to the park on Monday and Friday mornings from now on, which is a perfect way to spend our days in the coming weeks with the rain finally letting up.  And, I'm going to take another look at Mommy & Me group swim "lessons" at our two local, heated pools as I know she would just freak out to spend some time in the water.


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