25 in 2010: Book 9

I have never read a Memoir. 

I actually had no idea The Glass Castle was a Memoir until I was about half-way through and noticed the title on the front cover.  Knowing this fact changed everything for me; I was already absolutely devouring every word though now I was empathizing with the author on an entirely personal level.  I began to feel her pain as she recounted her extremely poor and often times humiliating childhood; I began to cry for her as I would a dear friend when she realized her parents were no longer Super-heroes and were humans who make mistakes; I began to hope for some optimism as she grew up and tried to overcome her upbringing as it continued to rear it's ugly head.  I wanted to reach through the book and hug her!

If you've never read a Memoir before or just want to read something empowering, RUN to pick up this book!

Hands-down the best book I've read in 2010!


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